I am Gaia

Weaving peace and wellbeing with Gaia Earthsong

I am the mountain and the stream. I am the earth and the sky. I am the cooking pot for the awen and the brewed elixir. I am the barefoot slip of a girl, mother earth and the old wise woman, I am the dancer, the actor and the poet. I am the raging torrents of water as they fall over rocks. I am the gust and the breeze, I am the fire in the belly and the rising ecstasy from within. I Am Gaia.



There is something beautiful and magical about using natural fibres and a simple loom to create a physical fabric and the metaphorical fabric of our lifes. Weaving is an ancient skill that can connect us to our heritage (past), ourselves (present), our dreams (future). We weave our lives through actions and through, intension and desire. These aspects of our life can be made manifest by using weaving as a healing and anchoring process.



Learn peace weaving on your own loom with Gaia Earthsong. Gaia holds space for the creative process online for groups and individuals.

Gaia Earthsong

Gaia Earthsong...

Gaia Earthsong is an artist, peace weaver & healer working with textiles (weaving & spinning) based in beautiful Pembrokeshire, West Wales.

Gaia works with weaving to aid connection to the land, self-healing & inner peace and to teach about the importance of sensory diet for those that are neurodivergent.


Please feel free to get in touch if you are interested in Gaia Earthsongs work as a weaver, teacher and healing faciltator.